Welcome to the world of the
Daisy Drama Club!

When my eldest daughter, Sophie, was young she set up the Daisy Drama Club with her best friend, Cressida.

They put on plays in the barn, the village hall and even went on tour to the Cotswolds and Pembrokeshire!

I decided to write about their adventures … and yes, I have got carried away and added a few things that may or may not have happened (did we really take the pony in the minibus?) … it’s up to you to decide!

You can buy the Daisy Drama Club books from lovely independent bookshops, Waterstones, Amazon or right here on my website.

And if you enjoy the books why not set up your own Daisy Drama Club?

You can buy badges, T-shirts … and even scripts so you can put on your own show!



AGE : 6 -11 • 60+ illustrations • £5.99

Available online from Amazon, or from Waterstones and all great indie bookshops

Best friends Sophie and Cressida love acting and set up the Daisy Drama Club. Their first play is full of spirits and ghosts ... but rehearsals fall into chaos when real ghosts spook the cast. And who has stolen Farmer Bagwash's ladder? And will poor Cressie have to leave the village? How will the daisy drama club survive? A funny, delightful adventure!



a real life wolf ... witches in the hedgerow ... mystery artists ... a cast rebellion ... escape from the Battleaxe Barracks ... the terrifying Miss Gristlegrundelblug ... Best friends Sophie and Cressida find putting on a play of the story of Red Riding Hood is much more dramatic than they could ever have imagined. Another exciting adventure for the Daisy Drama Club.



FANTASTICALICAS! Best friends Sophie and Cressida are thrilled when the Daisy Drama Club are invited by the mysterious Captain Turnaround to perform at the Seaward-on-Sea Festival. ... surprising theatres in peculiar places ... ... the missing secret lighthouse tunnel ... ... camping and razor clam suppers ... the tour is swimming with fishy twists and turns! A seaside adventure for the Daisy Drama Club.