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ESCAPE! A Footballer's Guide to Piano Practice and how to GET OUT OF IT!!!!

'He just won't practise!!!!'

Can't get your son to do his music practice?

Find out how one sporty boy - despite his best efforts - comes to find that music is not so bad after all!

Year-in-the-life of football mad boy and his efforts to escape piano practice. Ideal for 7-10 year old readers. Ralph is SPORT mad. His mum is PIANO practice mad. Every day she forces him to PRACTISE! PRACTISE! PRACTISE! ... when he should be outside helping Flickton FC win the league cup. There is on only one thing for it ... Ralph works out a brilliant new EXCUSE for EVERY DAY of the year. He is ready! Prepared to ESCAPE! ... but even Ralph discovers that playing the piano can have it's good side ...

AGE : 6 -11 • 60+ illustrations • ready to use excuse list • £5.99

Available online from Amazon, or from Waterstones and all great indie bookshops